JUNE 2019

Dear members;

Spring is supposed to be here.  It’s just around the corner – I promise.

By the time you read this I hope you all have participated in the Memorial Day Boat Parade.  Other upcoming events- Sportsman’s Club Steak Fry, Fish Club derby for kids, beach opening, beach dance, fireworks, and lake cable garage sale.  All events are open to LCRA members so plan to join in some fun this summer. We have a beautiful lake so please use it and meet your neighbors for some fun.

Patio is almost complete – job well done by Long Range Planning Committee.

Renovation to Ladies Locker Room – almost complete.

Reminders for boater:

Review the rules before going out.

Don’t break the same rules over and over and don’t break multiple rules in one day.  Rules help make the lake a safe place for all to enjoy!!!  We really don’t like to inflict fines and suspensions- but we will if you insist!!!

The playpen on a pontoon is meant to keep your body safely inside the boat while it is in motion.  So please refrain from sticking body parts outside of playpen while boat is in motion-it only takes a split second for an accident to occur!

Living at the lake is a privilege not a right.    Just keep this in mind and let’s get the boating season off to a great start!

Cindy Waikem – President Lake Cable Board of Trustees


                                                     Top 5 rules broken on the lake in 2018

1. Riding on the front of the boat while in motion.

2. No fishing pass on the guest or on the boat

3. Swimming more than 25 feet from boat

4. Swimming at the beach when it is closed

5. No Water craft numbers or 2019 stickers on the boat.

             Top 5 rules broken on the lake in 2019

1. Riding on the front of the boat while in motion.

2. No fishing pass on the guest or on the boat

3. Swimming more than 25 feet from boat

4. Swimming at the beach when it is closed

5. No Water craft numbers or 2019 stickers on the boat.

Some people call this consistency.  We call it a pain in the neck.  The rules are there to help you protect you from yourself.  They are not hard to follow.



LRPC Supplemental-May 21, 2019

Board Members Present:  President Mrs. Cindy Waikem, Vice President Mr. Ken Roush, Treasurer Mr. Bob Wynkoop, Trustee Mr. Ted Scheetz and Secretary Mr. Dave Romano.

Members Present:  Andrea Arnold, Lee Vitale, Mike King, Mike McElfresh, Gordon Woolbert

The unofficial meeting began at 5:59pm was called to discuss the financial issues of the patio.  After reviewing the various invoices, Tom’s transaction detail and the LRPC Financial Report, it was agreed as of this date, May 21, 2019 that reimbursements due the association total $16,385.37 and Tom will submit an invoice to the LRPC and they will pay the Association.  Lee emailed the Board copies of the the revised estimates from Butler Plumbing.

The LRPC Financial Report listed Total Income of $36,760.00, $3,764.35 Expenses, less Patio Furniture of $13,143.62 leaving $19,143.62 in remaining cash.  After the payment of $16,385.37 leaves the LRPC with $2,758.52.

The patio equipment includes 2 standard tables and 2 counter height tables with 6 chailrs for each table.  There are also 12 chairs for the fire pits of which 6 are rockers.  There is an additional 4 Adirondack chairs for near the water.  All furniture is composite material.

The next fund raiser is a clambake on 9/21/2019.  They are also planning to solicit certain individual who will receive plaques for donation of $1,3 & 5,000 as bronze silver and gold contributors.

They will also be selling additional bricks for installation in the spring of 2020.

Fencing is not complete.  Fire pits need lava rocks and the fire rings glued in place.  The fire dome are arriving Friday and will be screwed on to the pits to complete the pits.  Thus completing the fire pits.

Lee also distributed an As Built drawing reflecting underground drains, electrical and gas.

Also discussed is that no smoking and no alcohol rules will apply to the patio as it presently applies to the deck and beach.

The docks, except for the one (for handicap) neared the trapeze area will be removed.

Fall guards and handicap ramp are needed for the deck into the patio.  In the meantime saw horses or some form of blockade will be utilized at the deck and pillars.  Ted will see if he has any available.

The unofficial meeting ended at 7:02pm.

After the meeting, it was also recommended by the board that gift certificates be given to some of the member of the LRPC for their efforts.  It was also discussed that any future projects must have estimates and invoices approved by the Board to assure being billed correctly and avoid cost over runs.

A final reconciliation of estimates to billings has not been completed. There is still a question as to whether the $3,853 the Board agreed to pay is correct.  This project will need a verified final accounting.

Submitted by David Romano



JUNE 2019

Dear Members,

First, I want to welcome Dave Romano back to the Board of Trustees.  Dave was on for several years a few years ago and agreed to step up and help out for the reminder of Phil Kirkbrides’ term, thanks Dave.

I also want to offer special thanks to Bob Wynkoop for jumping in the sprayer boat and taking over weed control for me as I was tied to the office.  The best laid plans often don’t work out.  We thought we were going to be ready and get somewhat ahead of the game until we weren’t.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The beach opened for Memorial Day weekend, May 25, 26 and 27.  The new Woman’s rest room/locker room, less the lockers, opened.  I believe the ladies enjoyed the new look.  We recently installed the ceiling, lights and mirrors.  Only other suggestion is some sort of step up for children to use the sink.   We’re still working on lockers.

One last bit of crap and pardon the pun.  One of the many things we typically encounter is small vandalism.  Most often we don’t report it but over the holiday weekend someone of questionable human qualities decided to use the “changing booth” in the locker room as their personal toilet.  Yes they left behind both liquid and solids.  Keep in mind we put in two brand new toilets just around the corner and it wasn’t a little kid.  The crew shook their heads, cussed the culprit out and cleaned it up.

Of course a few things went wrong on opening weekend the trapeze bar cable broke without anyone on it so no one got hurt.  We are working on a plan to get that back in operation ASAP.  Next was the drinking fountain but Royace Butler fixed that for us.  Finally, a young girl picked up several splinters on the playground set.  Of course it was my granddaughter and she was quite upset with me.  I assured her I would look into it and get it fixed.

Pickle Ball has arrived at Lake Cable Beach.  We installed that court and if it ever quits raining we will paint and stripe it.  What is pickle ball?  I don’t know come to the beach and we’ll both find out.

The dumpster no longer adorns the back of the clubhouse.  We moved it to its new home at the new maintenance building.  Trash handling is going to be a bit of a challenge.

Due to challenges in the office I was unable to get out and work with the geese, which means we will have quite a few more when we do the round up.  This usually happens around the end of June.  If you’re interested in helping let me know.  We always need fishing boats; kayaks and pontoon boats just don’t work out.

We moved a couple of stone at the bottom of the boat ramp to make it wider.  Now certain people won’t hit their boat on the rocks.

The landscaping project across the front is on the schedule.  It won’t be a total closure but some decorative fence and some flowering and semi-evergreen plants, nothing to grow up into the wires.

We found out the hard way not to leave landscaping tools on the boulevards even for a short time.  The crew was working on East Blvd and left to empty the truck.  Upon their return several minutes later all the shovels, rakes and brooms were gone.

We are getting a new playground set and upgrading our existing swings, slide and monkey bars.  Look for those mid June.

Have a Great month!