MARCH 2018

Dear Members,

By now each member should have received a ballot to cast their vote on whether to relocate the maintenance building.  There are over 450 members and we believe each member has a responsibility in making this important decision whether it’s yea or nay please cast your vote.  As with the annual election, all steps are taken to insure the anonymity of each vote cast.  Please vote!

Once again the Woman’s Club Craft show was a tremendous success.  With all rooms filled with vendors, many crafty customers, as usual great food, the show was a big success.  This continues to be LCRA’s major and successful event.  Congratulations to all the ladies of the Woman’s Club.

Thanks and congratulations go to Karen Wentzel and her Volunteers from the Woman’s and Sportsman’s clubs for a fun party with the Easter Bunny.  A little chilly for hunting eggs, but there was plenty of sunshine.  Jungle Terry, who thrilled the kids with his many exotic animals, highlighted the party. All the kids were able to find Easter eggs

Float Boat Day is less than three weeks away! (April 19).  Please have your boats operating and ready to move off the beach. There is an extra fee for those boats left on the beach. We’ll be boating by the next newsletter!!!

Have a safe summer!!!!

Most importantly, please vote on this important decision regarding relocation of the maintenance facility.

Until warmer weather……


Phil Kirkbride

President- Lake Cable Board of Trustees



Board Meeting – March 20, 2018

Mrs. Cindy Waikem called the meeting to order at: 6:54 pm

Board Members Present:   Vice-President Mrs. Cindy Waikem, Treasurer Mr. Bob Wynkoop,

Trustee Mr. Ted Scheetz, Secretary Mr. Ken Roush and General Manager, Mr. Tom Gibbins.

Association Members Present:   Ms. Julie Edwards; Mr. Tom Borcoman: Patrolman Mr. Bob Preece.

1.  Approval of the Minutes from February 20, 2018 board meeting. A motion was made to accept the minutes by Mr. Bob Wynkoop and seconded by Mr. Ted Scheetz.  Motion passed.

2.  Approval of the Financial Statement ending February 28, 2018. A motion was made by Mr. Ken Roush to accept the financial statement as presented. The motion was seconded by Mr. Ted Scheetz.       Motion passed.

3.  Communications & Correspondence:   None received this past month.

4. Hearing from the Membership:   Ms. Julie Edwards attended this month’s board meeting to discuss and ask for support from the board to build a Pollinator Garden on the property just to the east of the dam. Items to be purchased include: Plants, Soil, Timbers, Limestone and signage. The total cost not to exceed $3,250.00. Mr. Tom Borcoman. Tom addressed the board concerning the Fish Club’s 2018 fish tournament schedule. Tom feels that the April 28th & May 12th tournament dates should be canceled because of fish spawning. Mr. Bob Preece. Bob reported to the board that his re-doing of the 2018 citation reports are not yet completed. Will update again next month.

5.  Managers Report:  Tom reported that Vasco Paving will be filling pot holes as soon as possible. The front fascia of the clubhouse is in need of repair and painting. Still working on estimates. No further action yet on the tree planting in front of the clubhouse. Tom stated that Aqua Doc came out and took rake samples from the lake. Treatments to start soon. There is still some cement work to be done at the Shopping Center. See more of Tom’s report elsewhere in the newsletter.

6.  Old Business:

A.  Trees – There has been no further action on the trees in front of the clubhouse.

B.  Small Yard Type Signs – The small yard type signs that have shown up in front of the Shopping

Center will be removed by April 1st.

C.  Office Manager – Tom and Cindy completed the interviews for the office manager position on

March 21st. Joni Mossor has been hired.

7.  New Business:

A.  Aqua Doc – Aqua Doc will start treating the Little Lake the week of April 2nd.

B.  Ballots – The voting ballots, for the building project, were sent out to the membership on

March 20th. The ballots are due back in by April 20th.

C.  Pollinator Garden – The board discussed Julie Edward’s request to build a Pollinator Garden.

Mr. Ted Scheetz made a motion to supply the funding for the garden, not to exceed $3,250.00

Mr. Ken Roush seconded the motion and the board approved.

D.  OLCA Conference – Tom & Bob Wynkoop will attend this conference at Cinnamon Lake on

May 23rd & 24th.

8.  A motion was made by Mr. Bob Wynkoop to adjourn the meeting. A second was heard by Mr. Ted Scheetz. The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 8:13pm.

Submitted by Board Secretary – Mr. Ken Rous



APRIL 2018

First bit of very exciting news is I finally hired a new office manager.  Please welcome Joni Mossor to the Lake Cable office.  It took several months and a lot of thought and consideration but I believe Joni will be a fantastic addition to our Lake Cable Family.  Joni along with her husband Craig and their children Matthew, Summer and Gunner have been members of LCRA since 2013.   So she already knows the lake and many of you members.  Joni has all the qualifications that we were looking for and a great personality.  I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

Steve and his crew have been taking advantage of the decent weather and working outside.  I say that as I look out at two inches of snow.  On those types of days they are getting things done inside.

Removing the trees in front of the clubhouse has turned into a love/hate issue.  Some people would rather us not put trees back, they like seeing the clubhouse and lake from the road.  Others are asking when the heck are we going to put trees back it looks terrible.  In the long run trees will go back up.  The Board is looking into several plans for landscaping where the trees were and will get that project underway as soon as possible.

I can’t believe my eyes, we’re seeing algae in the back channel on March 20th.  Algae can and has been seen in the lake through the ice.  The bad part is the water needs to be at least 60 degrees for algaecide to do any good.  Our water temperature is about 40 degrees.  Hold on to your hats people.

The Board and Fish Club are working on a plan to do some substantial stocking this year.  Since we were unable to get Walleye last fall the Board will use that money to help supplement the Fish Club budget for spring stocking and will return to walleye stocking in the late fall.

We will be doing more concrete work at the shopping center in the near future.  This winter’s freeze and thaw cycle was very hard on a couple of areas in particular.

Bob Wynkoop and I will be attending the Ohio Lake Community Association conference at Cinnamon Lake on May 23 and 24.  They tell me I have to attend since I’m President.  It’s a little late in the month for me because we open the beach on the 26th but all will work out.

Please note we have already had one ballot come back without the “return envelope”.  Unfortunately, that ballot can not be counted.  The return envelope with your name on it is only to ensure that everyone votes once.  The envelopes are opened separately and no one can find out how you voted.  Please read the directions.  If you believe you voted improperly contact me and we can get you a new package.

Have a great month!