President’s Report – March 2019

Hello Members of Lake Cable-

Hope you all enjoy the first day of Spring!!  It really did arrive in Northeast Ohio!

Boater safety classes begin the first Wednesday in April.  All new and children 12 and above must attend. Bob Preece – Lake Patrol, teaches classes.

Upcoming events to enjoy are:

Crab & Steak Fest- April 6th

Easter Party – April 13th

Garden Club Plant Sale and lecture -May 5

Float Boat Parade- May 26th


Work on the Woman’s Locker Room is almost complete.  I was totally amazed that there was so much room in there!

Work on the patio will be starting soon.

Wishes Can Happen has approached us concerning a project for a young lady with leukemia. We are meeting with them getting details on the project and let’s hope we can help make it happen.

Many improvements have happened at the shopping center, getting ready for the summer.

The Board has been working hard on getting the lake in shape for the upcoming summer – hope you all take advantage of the improvements. Also, the maintenance crew has been in full swing with the many projects going on plus their regular jobs. They often go unnoticed – give them thanks when you see them.

Remember to enjoy and respect the lake—it’s a privilege not a right to live here.

Cindy Waikem – President Lake Cable Board of Trustees



Board Meeting – March 19, 2019

President Cindy Waikem called the meeting to order at: 6:55pm

Board Members Present:  President Mrs. Cindy Waikem; Treasurer Mr. Bob Wynkoop, Trustee Mr. Ted Scheetz; Secretary Mr. Ken Roush.

Association Guests, Staff & Membership Present:  Guests: Mrs. Cindy Morrow, Co-Founder of the “Wishes-Can-Happen” Foundation, along with Matt & Anna; Mr. Bob Preece (lake patrolman).

1.  Approval of the Minutes from February 19, 2019 board meeting. A motion was made to accept the

minutes by Mr. Bob Wynkoop and seconded by Mr. Ted Scheetz. Motion passed.

2.  Approval of the Financial Statement ending February 28, 2019. A motion was made by Mr. Ted

Scheetz to accept the financial statement as presented. The motion was seconded by Mr. Ken Roush.

Motion passed.

Lake Cable Recreation Association, Inc

Financial Statement ending February 28, 2019

                                                                                  2019                                    2018                        % Change

Association Income                                       $ 557,350.24                     $ 442,192.29                           26.0%

Association Expenses                                    $ 249,526.78                     $ 224,247.35                            11.3%

Association Net Income                               $ 336,151.84                      $ 217,944.94                            54.2%

Shopping Center Income                              $    49,344.00                     $    47,224.30                              4.5%

Shopping Center Expenses                           $    43,215.22                     $    22,249.87                           94.2%

Shopping Center Net Income                       $       6,128.78                    $     24,974.43                           -75.5%

3.  Communications & Correspondence:   None this past month.

4. Hearing from Guests, Staff & Membership:  Cindy Morrow, Co-Founder of “Wishes-Can-Happen”.

Cindy attended the board meeting as a representative of the “Wishes-Can-Happen Foundation. The

foundation is making a wish happen for the family of Matt, Anna and their daughter “Hallie”. Cindy

explained to the board what her foundation does and where all the money collected goes towards.

Matt & Anna, parents of Hallie, addressed the board concerning their daughter Hallie’s leukemia

illness. Matt & Anna stated that Hallie’s wish was to build a small playground for other children to

enjoy. The “Wishes-Can-Happen Foundation is honoring this wish. Hallie, and her parents, would like

to build this playground at Lake Cable. Cindy, Matt & Anna were thanked for their presentation, to

the board, and for considering us as a good location for this wish to happen. The board will review

the request and get back to the “Wishes-Can-Happen” Foundation with our decision as soon as

possible. Mr. Bob Preece, lake patrolman. Bob reported to the board that there are some minor

violations happening on the lake already. Remember that you must have your 2019 stickers on your

boats before operating them on the waters of Lake Cable. He is asking that all members please abide

by the rules during this coming boating season. Bob also stressed, to the board, that his main focus

this year will be a member’s safety while operating their boat. All riders must stay within the

confines of the boats railing. This is a serious situation and it will be enforced. Citations will be issued

if this rule is not followed. Bob informed the board that the first Boater Safety Class will be held on

April 3, 2019. Thanks Bob for your update.

5.  Managers’ Report: Tom gave an update as to the progress of the women’s restroom/locker room

remodel. The new walls and doors have been installed and are complete. The walls are now ready for

paint and that should start in a few days. The drop ceiling, floor and lockers will also be completed

soon. A final touch will be the installation of a new roll-up door, child changing table and a new

counter top & sink. A report was also given on the final item’s that needed completed at the new

maintenance building. The installation of the fencing around the building is now complete. Pads for

fuel storage, cabinets and trash dumpster bumpers are soon to be completed. Tom informed the

board as to the status of the patio remodel project. All is progressing well. Ramps, lights and security

cameras were discussed, and a tour of the patio area was taken. Final comments included the status

of the Pickle Ball Court installation. This project will start soon after the boats are removed from the

beach area. The front of the clubhouse property fence and landscape project will be started as soon

as the weather finally breaks. See more of Tom’s manager’s report comments elsewhere in the

newsletter. Thanks to Tom for his update to the board.

6.  Old Business:

A.  Women’s restroom/ locker room. – This remodeling project is nearing completion. The walls

are installed and are close to being painted. The pluming and Lighting are in process and are

looking great. Soon to follow will be the installation of the drop ceiling, in certain areas;

installation of the counter top and sink, and finally, lockers. The project is still on track to be

completed by the time of the beach opening date.

B.  Maintenance BuildingFinal items are being completed. The fencing around the building has

been installed. A couple pads for fuel storage will be completed in the near future. All and

all, the building is complete and is being used daily by our maintenance crew.

C. Pickle Ball Court – After some delays in the fall, and the boats being placed on the beach, this

project is scheduled to be completed shortly after the boats are removed from the beach. So

all you Pickle Ball players get ready for your new court!

D. Clubhouse Property Fence/Landscape Project – As stated previously, this project will be

completed as soon as the weather breaks and the ground becomes dry and stable for

construction to begin. This project will greatly improve the looks of the front property line of

the clubhouse.

7.  New Business:

A.  OLCA Conference –  Tom and Bob Wynkoop will be attending this spring lake conference in

early April at Candlewood Lake. This conference changes locations each year so that all the

lakes in the conference areas have a chance to host the meeting.

B.  Road Resurfacing – Some of our main Lake Cable roads will be scheduled for resurfacing this

year. Most side roads, again this year, will not be done. Be aware that there will be

disruptions in the area as this work is completed.

8.  The board went into executive session at 8:13pm to discuss the “Tony Carlone Service Award”;

Shopping Center concerns and Crappie Commons property questions. Discussions were completed

and all issues where handled. The board returned from executive session at 8:29pm.

9.  A motion was made by Mr. Ted Scheetz to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by

Mr. Bob Wynkoop. The motion passed, and the meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.

Submitted by Board Secretary – Mr. Ken Roush  



APRIL 2019

Dear Friends,

Where do I start?  Things are crazy busy around here.  Finishing up the maintenance building, remodeling the woman’s restroom, preparation work on the new patio, projects at the shopping center are keeping us hopping!  All good projects that will be enjoyed by all of us.

They installed the fence around the maintenance building which looks great!  A small concrete pad for our fuel houses and that project is complete.  We will soon be moving the dumpster out of the back and to that location.

There is quite a bit of work still to do in the woman’s locker room.  The walls are up and new lights and doors installed.  Soon to be completed are the roll up door to the beach, ceilings, a counter top and sink, baby changing table and new/old lockers and paint.  We decided to keep a little nostalgia in the locker room and reuse the old locker doors.   I think all the women will enjoy the new facility.

If you venture out on the lake in the near future you will notice the fence to the old maintenance area is gone, soon you won’t see the dumpster and when complete it’s going to look like it should.  There has been a lot of discussion about the fire pits, lighting and other amenities to come.  We also feel the need to install security cameras such as those installed on the new maintenance building.  Target date for use is this summer!

The next project we will tackle is the pickle ball court we have been talking about.  It will be located up on the beach and will be ready for the opening of the beach.  This will start as soon as the boats come off the beach.

One other big project scheduled as the weather breaks for good is the front landscaping plan.  The Board considered many ideas but a combination of fencing and shrub beds was determined to be the best.   We plan to incorporate some barn stone and maybe an old grinding wheel or two.

Speaking of projects, Float Boat Day is in three short weeks.  Please remember if your boat was last on the beach it will be first off.  Float Boat Day is April 20 beginning around 8:30 AM.  If you put your boat in the fence after Float Boat Day by trailer it need removed before the 20th.

Last month we had the Fish Club Reverse Raffle and the Woman’s Club Craft Show, both were a huge success.  Coming this month in addition to Float Boat Day is the Steak and Crab Fest and Lunch with the Easter Bunny.  Sorry the Steak and Crab Fest sold out fairly quick.  You must register your children and grand children for the breakfast; see the flyer elsewhere in the newsletter.

Bob Wynkoop and I will be attending the Spring Conference of the Ohio Lake Community Association at Candlewood Lake near Mt. Gilead, Ohio.  This gives us the opportunity to exchange ideas with other lake communities.

Have a Great Month