Dear Members,

Starting a new year, weather cooperating, we hope it is as successful as last; much has been accomplished.  Participation in boating, fishing and the beach were at all time highs.  We are quite fortunate to live and enjoy a membership at LCRA.  The Long Range Planning Committee is working hard to make it even better.  The various clubs also had their events well attended.

Congratulations to Ken Roush and Cindy Waikem on their reelection to the LCRA Board of Trustees.  They will be joining me for two more years as two-year members of the five member board.  Best wishes to Brian Halasinski for his participation as a candidate in the election to the Board.  Brian had some very good ideas and we encourage our younger members getting involved at this level.

As most of you observed, the pine trees along Fulton Road have been removed.  Theories abounded, but the reason was they were Blue Spruce and had some sort of blithe and were dying which is not just a local issue.  They will be replaced along with possibly some contained flower gardens.  The replacement trees will be of a shorter and hardier variety.  The mystery of the disappearing trees has been solved.

We have had a few questions from members who possibly were not at the Annual Meeting.  The questions dealt with the losses at the beach.  This is the only area of the lake operations where we specifically identify actual profit and loss.  As noted before, the beach is a true asset to our members at the lake.  It provides enjoyment to many members.  It is no less an asset then the clubhouse, the pavilion, and the grounds of the LCRA.  It is one of many benefits to living and having a membership at Lake Cable.

Last, the Board and staff wish you and you families a Happy Holiday and prosperous New Year!!!


Phil Kirkbride, President LCRA Board of Trustees



Board Meeting – November 21, 2017

President Phil Kirkbride called the meeting to order at: 7:00 pm

Board Members Present:  President Mr. Phil Kirkbride, Vice-President Mrs. Cindy Waikem, Treasurer

Mr. Bob Wynkoop, Trustee Mr. Ted Scheetz, Secretary Mr. Ken Roush and General Manager, Mr. Tom Gibbins.

Association Members Present:    Julie Edwards; Patrolman Mr. Bob Preece

1.  Approval of the Minutes from October 17, 2017 board meeting. A motion was made to accept the minutes by Mr. Bob Wynkoop, and seconded by Mrs. Cindy Waikem.  Motion passed.

2.  Approval of the Financial Statement ending October 31, 2017. A motion was made by Mr. Ken Roush to accept the financial statement as presented. The motion was seconded by Mr. Ted Scheetz.       Motion passed.

Financial Statement ending October 31, 2017

                                                                    2017                          2016                    % Change

Association Income                            $ -     364.95                $    8,971.06                 -104.1%

Association Expenses                         $   43,522.96               $  35,513.60                  22.6%

Association Net Income                                             $ – 43,887.91               $ – 26,542.54               -65.4%

Shopping Center Income                    $    7,366.00                $  10,805.00                    -31.8%

Shopping Center Expenses                 $    5,240.30                $    5,725.44                   -8.5%

Shopping Center Net Income                         $    2,125.70                $    5,079.56                  -58.2%

Lots of notes are necessary to give you a clear picture of where we are.  First and foremost we did not have any income in the month of October.  In the past we have had only minimal income.

Second, we set out to spend some cash before the end of the year.  We did that by installing the front doors and purchasing some tools for the shop.

Cindy booked the cost of boat stickers against the membership dues in lieu of an expense account.  The income should have been $0.

As for the shopping center, there was October rent checks not deposited in until November.

3.  Communications & Correspondence:   No Communications or Correspondence this past month.

4. Hearing from the Membership:   Julie Edwards addressed the board concerning the removal of the trees across the front of the clubhouse. She said things look much better that the old trees were removed. She was informed that new trees will be replacing the old ones. Julie made a suggestion to the board to put in a Flower Garden at the power box location on Fulton road. This would be a great time to consider such a project to improve the looks across the frontage of our property. She showed the board numerous pictures from magazines that would work well for that area. The space she is requesting would be approx. 15’ x 15’ in size. The flower garden would be in a raised bed with maybe some sand stone placed around the street side for great lake appeal. Julie will work up some more ideas and cost and report back to the board in the future. She also wants to involve the Jackson High School Horticulture students to get involved and help with some of the maintenance. Thanks so much to Julie for her suggestions and hopefully the project can move forward. Mr. Bob Preece was in attendance but had no comments for the board at this time.

5.  Managers Report:  Tom reported that the new transom has been installed above the new clubhouse entry doors. It looks fantastic and was a great update to our entryway. A bookkeeper has been hired and will work approx. two days a week to help Tom with the books. This is a temporary position. At this time, Tom has decided to not interview any applicants for a full time secretary until after the holidays. There was more talk about the replacement trees that will be planted across the front of the clubhouse property. We are trying to pick the right spruce tree that fits our needs. More discussions will take place in the near future. Tom reported that the open house at the shopping center went really well. It brought a lot of new people into the center. All the tenants were very pleased with the turn out.  Thanks Tom for your report to the board. Please see more of Tom’s comments in his Mangers Report, included in the newsletter.

6.  Old Business:

A.  Association Projects – It was previously reported that Jackson Township would like to install a

new culvert across Bass Commons and into the lake. This project would help to relive a

flooding issue that has existed for a long time in that area. A motion was made by Mr. Ken

Roush to allow the Township a right-of-way to proceed with the installation of the new culvert

near Bass Commons, to relive this flooding problem. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Cindy

Waikem. The motion passed.

B.  Long Range Planning Committee – The L.R.P.C. has sent out invitation cards to all members of

the association inviting everyone to attend a L.R.P.C. meeting that will cover details of

the planned maintenance building and the improvement to the back of the clubhouse. All

members are welcome to come and hear the plans and financial needs for this project. Please

plan on attending. You should have received your invitation prior to this newsletter.

C.  Clubhouse Main Entrance Doors – The new Transom has been installed over the front doors

and this project is now complete.

D.  Photo Contest – All winner were announced at the November 8, 2017 annual meeting. Thanks

for another great year of photos. Thanks to everyone who entered!. See more details

elsewhere in the newsletter.

E.  Trees – As everyone can see, the old trees have been removed from the clubhouse property.

We are currently working with landscapers to determine the best kind of tree to plant in their

place. More info later on.

7.  New Business:

A. Association Pontoon Trailers – The older pontoon trailer, which the association rents out to

members, has pretty much worn out. It is at the point that it is unsafe for our use. The board

has decided to purchase a new galvanized trailer to replace it. A motion was made by Mr. Bob

Wynkoop to purchase a new pontoon boat trailer at the cost of $3,400.00 A second was made

by Mr. Ken Roush and the motion passed.

B.  Social Membership – The board has decided to award an additional Social Membership to a

well deserving family for all their past contributions to the Association. A motion was made by

Mrs. Cindy Waikem to accept Mr. & Mrs. Bob & Artie Nader as Social Members of the

Association. The motion passed the board.

C.  Walleye stocking – The walleyes have been ordered. The stocking of the lake will take place

approx. the end of November.

8.  A motion was made by Mr. Ken Roush to go into executive session to discuss a tenant request and to discuss 2017 employee wages at 8:05pm. The motion was seconded by Mr. Ted Scheetz. Passed.

9.  The board returned from executive session at 8:40pm.

10.  A motion was made by Mrs. Cindy Waikem to adjourn the meeting. A second was heard by Mr. Bob Wynkoop. The motion passed and Mr. Phil Kirkbride adjourned the meeting at 8:41pm.

Submitted by Board Secretary – Mr. Ken Roush  




Dear Friends,

I’m sure the first thing you noticed mid last month was the absence of the blue spruce trees across the front along Fulton Road.  WOW!  It sure makes a difference.  The old trees were suffering from a blithe that is affecting all blue spruce.  Fear not the plan is replace those trees with new more disease resistant and salt resistant Norway spruce trees.  The new trees will be approximately 6 foot tall and in time offer the same privacy and beauty that the old trees once offered.

Unfortunately, I must report that Cindy Sliger our Office Manager for 16 years is no longer employed by Lake Cable.  I will be conducting a search for her replacement in the near future.  In the mean time I have hired a part time bookkeeper to help out in the office with paying bills and keeping the books up to date.  If you are interested in the position please send me an email.  Qualifications include proficiency in Quick Books, Microsoft Office including Word, Access and Excel and strong communications skills.

Having said that please forgive me if something is amiss in the newsletter, as I will be doing that myself for a month or two.

The “Lights on the Lake” holiday shopping experience at our shopping center was so successful they decided to try again.  On Thursday, December 7 from 4 PM to 7 PM the merchants will hold a “Sip…Shop and Stroll” event.  Champaign and cookies and sweet deals will be available.  Join me at this event.  Many gift ideas for Christmas will be available.

From my family to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!