President’s Report

JULY 2018

Summer has finally arrived!  Many members are enjoying the beach and the boating.

And the 4th of July is upon us.  Remember fireworks are July 3rd, rain date of July 5th.  Enjoy and please be careful!!

We are getting closer to breaking ground for the maintenance building. Hoping for the end of

month of July.

The pollinator garden is in so please stop over and take a look-well worth your effort.

The beach dance is fast approaching- if you don’t have tickets stop at the clubhouse office to get yours before its sold out—always a good time.

Concrete work is finished at shopping center and carpet is on order.

A reminder to all who fish—PLEASE get guest fishing passes before you  go out and make sure guests wear them.

Remember to review the rule book SO a pleasant time on the lake can be had by all!!


Have a safe and Happy 4th of July

Cindy Waikem – President Lake Cable Board of Trustees



Board Meeting – June 19, 2018

President Cindy Waikem called the meeting to order at: 7:10 pm

Board Members Present:  President Mrs. Cindy Waikem; Treasurer Mr. Bob Wynkoop, Trustee Mr. Ted Scheetz, Secretary Mr. Ken Roush and General Manager, Mr. Tom Gibbins.

Association Members or Guests Present:  Connie Little; John & Debbi Norris; Julie Edwards; Joey Brightbill; Randy & Julie Gonzalez; Jan Wymyslo; Karen Wentzel; Patrolman Bob Preece.

1.  Approval of the Minutes from May 15, 2018 board meeting. A motion was made to accept the minutes by Mr. Bob Wynkoop and seconded by Mr. Ted Scheetz.  Motion passed.

  1. Approval of the Financial Statement ending May 31, 2018. A motion was made by Mr. Ken Roush to accept the financial statement as presented. The motion was seconded by Mr. Ted Scheetz. Motion passed

Lake Cable Recreation Association, Inc

Financial Statement ending May 31, 2018

                                                                                2018                                      2017                            % Change

Association Income                                       $ 516,382.55                     $ 521,779.49                        -1.0%

Association Expenses                                    $ 374,926.36                     $ 344,576.43                          8.8%

Association Net Income                                $ 141,456.19                     $  177,203.06                      -20.2%


Shopping Center Income                              $   74,116.30                      $    75,182.00                         -1.4%

Shopping Center Expenses                           $   48,075.08                      $    47,636.32                            0.9%

Shopping Center Net Income                       $   26,041.22                      $    27,545.69                          -5.5%


3.  Communications & Correspondence:   None received during the past month.

4. Hearing from the Membership:   Mrs. Connie Little; asked the board about plans for any clubhouse remodeling that might be scheduled. Her concern was that certain dates could interfere with her scheduled Craft Shows. Cindy was informed that at this time, no plans are set for any remodeling. With the construction of the new maintenance building and the re-design of the back of the clubhouse, any interior remodeling is probably a couple years away. Any future plans will be shared. Mrs. Debbi Norris;

was in attendance to ask the board why we do not rent out the Dunlap room for member use. The board reviewed some of the main reasons like: no kitchen access, no restroom access, exit doors go to the beach area (safety concern), and this room is kept open for association club activities. Debbi’s concern will be reviewed. Mrs. Julie Edwards; updated the board as to the status of the new Pollinator Garden which is located in the Cable Bay Commons area behind the shopping center. New benches are going to be placed in at least two spots. Also, there will be signage placed is areas for explanation of plants, etc. Julie invited everyone to stop by and take a look at this project. She is trying to keep up with watering so no plants are lost. Thanks Julie for the update. Mr. Joey Brightbill; Joey and his family are four year members of the association. Their boat is located at the Cable Bay Commons, just behind the shopping center. Joey’s concern is that there isn’t very easy handicap access to the boats. The docks are quit narrow and a little difficult to maneuver wheel chairs on. We currently have a handicap access dock on the West side of the clubhouse, but this is not close to their location. A suggestion to maybe use the Pier and make it more handicap accessible. There was numerous discussion and suggestions for improvement. The board will visit the site area and see what improvements could be made. Thanks for your concern and bringing this situation to the board. Mr. Randy Gonzalez; was in attendance with similar concerns about the handicap access in this area. Those concerns will be address and considered in the future. He also would like to see better walkways to the commons. It is difficult to transport items to the boats because of the stone wall and steps. He ask if anything can be done to make this easier. A final comment was concerning the need for additional parking. With the apartment parking the spaces are limited. Again, the board will revisit this area to see what possible steps that could be taken to better the situation. Thanks Randy for your comments. Mrs. Jan Wymyslo; ask the board if we are considering free guest fishing over the 4th of July holiday. The board said yes and the free fishing days will be July 2nd. Thru July 4th. No guest passes will be required. It will be a catch & release only period.

Jan also ask about the possibility of putting canopies (fabric) over boats. Jan will supply some pictures and the board will discuss any further action. Thanks Jan. Mrs. Karen Wentzel; was in attendance thank the board, Fish Club, and Sportsman’s Club for their help with the “Hooked on Fishing” event recently. Each club donated $50.00 to fund the event. Also she wanted to thank all the volunteers that helped out. Thanks Karen for this event. Patrolman, Mr. Bob Preece; Bob reviewed the recent violations on the lake. The citations were reviewed by the board and fines will be issued. We need to have a safe and fun lake to enjoy. Please obey the rules. Bob also suggested that security cameras be located around the clubhouse area. That suggestion will be considered in the near future. New updated citation forms will be made and ready for Bob to use soon. Thanks Bob for keeping everyone safe on the lake.

5.  Managers’ Report:  Tom reported to the board that the beach and concession stand are doing well so far. A new Hot Dog machine is needed and a few additional food items have been added to the beach menu. The fireworks show is approaching fast. And Tom stated that he will be blocking off the area in front of the clubhouse approx. six feet back from Fulton Rd. Inside this area will be considered a safe zone. Also, because of the fireworks, the area by the new Pollinator Garden will be protected with snow fencing. This year’s goose roundup will be Thursday, June 21st. Tom reported that there was a sewer pipe collapse at the shopping center near the Tea Shop. A plumber has been contacted to take care of this problem. Please see more of Tom’s comments located elsewhere in the newsletter. Thanks Tom for your report.

6.  Old Business:

A.  Trees – Our tree planting project in front of the clubhouse property is still on hold. We are

waiting to see if the Gas Company is planning on running a gas line in that area. As soon as we

get answers back from them, we will then proceed with this project.

B.  Pollinator Garden – Julie Edwards gave the board an update as to the status of the Garden.

New benches are soon to be added as well as some new signage to identify the plants. Julie

has invited everyone to stop by and spend awhile at the garden.

C.  Shopping Center – The planned replacement of broken concrete in front of the shopping center

has been completed. There are now a few areas of new concrete for our shop tenants to drive

on. Some windows and carpeting, for our apartment tenants, are on order.

7.  New Business:

A.  Insurance – The board is looking into possible additional insurance for the association. This

would increase the coverage for theft, etc. More discussions by the board will follow.

8.  The board went into Executive Session at 8:05pm to discuss:  Membership issues and to

discuss land owned by the board issues. There were also discussions concerning lake violations

and the fines that are going to be levied.

9.  A motion was made by Mr. Bob Wynkoop to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by

Mr. Ted Scheetz. The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 9:31pm.

Submitted by Board Secretary – Mr. Ken Roush  



JULY 2018

Dear Friends,

What a month!  Everything seems to be going well on the beach.  Our second year beach manager Hollie Stuffel is doing a great job with her crew which takes a load off of the office.  This year we added hot pretzels which are selling like, hot pretzels.  In addition we are trying nachos and cheese.   Unfortunately, due to a high bacteria count we were forced to close the beach for a few days.  This is about six weeks early.

Keeping up with watering is a big task for the Garden Club and the Association.  We sure could use a couple of nice steady all night rains.

Up next, the fireworks on July 3!  This year will be the added challenge of controlling the front area at the clubhouse.  We will install some caution tape and add an extra patrolman.  As always the beach will be closed that day and fireworks are between 9:30 and 10 PM.  God forbid rain date is July 5.  Our fireworks provider said, “Everything is ready to rock your community!”

Algae are nearly under control.  Weather, pump malfunctions, other more pressing problems all interfered with completing that project.

Goose round up was successful but challenging.  We found 25 geese at the north end of the lake.  It takes a good half hour to herd them to the catching pen.  You can’t force them they go at their own pace.  We had them in the pen and had a fence malfunction so about eight escaped.  It took is almost as long to bring them in from near the island as it did from the north end.  We finally got them on shore but they would not move.  Finally, I saw the writing on the wall and jumped out of the boat, into the water and walked them into the pen.  Thanks to all of the following: Steve Floom, Mike Hill, Jim Mochosky, Bob Preece, TJ Ricker, Pete Trumpower, Dave Volak, Bob Wynkoop and me.   By the way I got the award for getting the most wet.

We replaced some damaged concrete in front of the Shopping Center.  It looked great then a collapsed pipe forced us to dig some of it up, oh the joy of managing old buildings.  I hope by the time you read this the pipe is fixed.  Hard to believe but everyone is busy.

Have a great month!