President’s Report

May 2018

Dear members-

Float boat day has come and gone.  Let’s hope good weather is not far away!

If you have not heard, Don Henke from the maintenance crew has left us for personal reasons.  He has worked for Lake Cable for over 10 years. He will be sadly missed around here.

Everyone is getting ready for opening day of the beach. Lifeguard spots are all filled and they are ready for good weather and good times on the beach.  If you have never used the beach – please go over and see the fun had by those who use it.

Work is progressing on the new building. A lot of paper work has to be done before construction can start.

The pollinator garden is just about completed. Please stop and see it.

Weed control is under way for the season-an ongoing job- Tom is working constantly on it. If you don’t want spray on your dock or boat let Tom know and he will stay 5 feet way- you will just have weeds in that 5 feet.

Updating the carpet in the apartments and a few new windows are going into José’s.

As you can see Steve and his crew are very busy getting ready for the season. Let’s pray good weather is to follow and everyone can enjoy the lake.   What a true gift we have in being able to have the lake to enjoy so please show respect to the lake and staff.

Happy Spring to all!

See you on the lake,

Cindy Waikem, President Lake Cable Board of Trustees



Board Meeting – May 15, 2018

President Cindy Waikem called the meeting to order at: 6:57 pm

Board Members Present:  President Mrs. Cindy Waikem; Vice-President Mr. Phil Kirkbride, Treasurer

Mr. Bob Wynkoop, Trustee Mr. Ted Scheetz, Secretary Mr. Ken Roush and General Manager, Mr. Tom Gibbins.

Association Members or Guests Present:  Patrolman Mr. Bob Preece.

1.  Approval of the Minutes from April 17, 2018 board meeting. A motion was made to accept the minutes by Mr. Phil Kirkbride and seconded by Mr. Bob Wynkoop.  Motion passed.

2.  Approval of the Financial Statement ending April 30, 2018. A motion was made by Mr. Bob Wynkoop to accept the financial statement as presented.The motion was seconded by Mr. Ken Roush. Motion passed.

Financial Statement ending April 30, 2018

                                                                                2018                     2017           % Change

Association Income                                       $ 493,839.86                     $ 471,846.61                         4.7%

Association Expenses                                    $ 314,022.02                     $ 292,903.00                         7.2%

Association Net Income                                $ 179,022.02                     $ 178,943.61                          0.5%


Shopping Center Income                              $   64,972.30                      $    66,768.00                       -2.7%

Shopping Center Expenses                           $   43,990.76                      $    43,933.34                        -8.0%

Shopping Center Net Income                       $   20,981.54                      $    22,834.66                      -8.1%

3.  Communications & Correspondence:   None received this past month.

4. Hearing from the Membership:   Patrolman Mr. Bob Preece updated the board as to some of the happenings on the lake this past month. There were some boating violations and some fishing violations

that will be taken care off. Members are reminded to obey the rules and fishing regulations. Remember that boats that are on the waters of Lake Cable must be owned by a member. Bob will continue to try and make our lake as safe as possible.

5.  Managers Report:  Tom reminded the board that the beach “Opening Day” is May 26th and everything is pretty much ready to go. So far it has been a hard time keeping up with the grass mowing of the association property due to an excessive amount of rain we have had and also we are short handed for a little while. Tom says he has the little lake water looking pretty good and is working hard to clear up the main lake with chemicals. His goal is to have the lake looking great by Memorial Day. Work to expand the Bluegill Commons docks, to facilitate more boats, is ongoing. Our association crew will be starting to build the framework and top boards soon. Ground Works will assist in installing the poles & frames. Tom estimates the new expanded commons will cost approx. $12,000.00 to complete.

6.  Old Business:

A.  Trees – Our tree planting project in front of the clubhouse property is still on hold. We are

waiting to see if the Gas Company is planning on running a gas line in that area. As soon as we

get answers back from them, we will then proceed with this project.

B.  Pollinator Garden – The Pollinator Garden is under construction and is located on the property

north of the Dam area. The main ingredients; soil and plants, will soon be added. Thanks to

member Julie Edwards for this great project.

C.  Ballots – The voting was completed and about 73% of our members voted on the issue

to build a new maintenance building and remodel the back of the clubhouse.  The vote was 206    for the project and 132 against. Thanks to everyone that took the time to vote on this project. The L.R.P.C. and the board appreciates the support to improve our clubhouse grounds. The planned start date for the building project is set for shortly after the 4th of July.

D.  Asphalt Repairs – The rain we have had the past couple of weeks has held up the contractor in

getting our driveways and parking lot pot holes repaired. This wok will start as soon as


E.  Shopping Center Carpeting – Our shopping center apartment tenants are being scheduled to

select new carpeting. This should be completed soon and installation will begin. It has been

many years since the carpeting has been replaced.

7.  New Business:

A.  Shopping Center – Due to the age and deterioration of some of the windows in the

apartments of the shopping center, we will be looking at some replacements soon. Some

windows are now very hard to close all the way.

B.  Conference – Tom and Bob Wynkoop will be attending the OLCA conference next week on

May 23rd and 24th at Cinnamon Lake. Tom is the president of this group.

8.  The board went into Executive Session at 7:37pm to discuss: collection of donations for an employee; a motion concerning a Social Membership; and an initiation fee request. The board returned from Executive Session at 7:57pm.

9.  A motion was made by Mr. Bob Wynkoop to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Mr. Phil Kirkbride. The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.

Submitted by Board Secretary – Mr. Ken Roush



JUNE 2018

I don’t know if you are aware but we lost a good friend and ten year employee to cancer.  Don Henke who worked for us for over ten years passed away on Monday, May 21st.  We all miss Don and it will be impossible to replace him.  I want to thank all the clubs and many individuals who donated money toward his rapid retirement.

What a crazy start to the summer season.  Sand arrived, we had plenty of guards and concession stand employees, everything was ready but rain spoiled the opening day at the beach. Sunday and Memorial Day more than made up for the poor opening.  One thing you will notice when you return to the beach is the additional concrete around the existing dance floor.  This is to extend the dance floor and make it easier to keep the beach clean.

Grass is growing faster than we can keep up.  Being short handed at this time of year is very difficult but Steve and his smaller crew has done a great job getting things ready.  Some much needed asphalt repairs are complete, next year we will recoat and restripe the entire parking lot.  The pollinator garden is in the works.  Steve Floom did a great job of building it.  It should be planted shortly and quickly attract pollinators.  This is Julie Edwards’s project; she did a great job getting it organized.

Weed control has been difficult this year late winter, lots of rain and early algae all combined to let my plans slip by.  I had the intention of keeping up or being ahead of the algae and weeds.  The road to “you know where” is paved with good intentions.   The Little Lake looks very good.  Aqua Doc tried a different plan of attack and it seems to have worked.  The rest of the lake is good in some areas not so good in others.  We are doing everything we can to get the lake looking good.   The algae you are seeing is not harmful just unsightly.

Our building project is moving along slow but sure, mostly slow.  The permitting stage takes quite a bit of time.  As that goes along we are holding meetings with Scheetz Builders and finalizing plans.   With all the advance planning once work begins it should move along nicely.

When the dust settles we hope to start working on some new docks for pontoon boats.  This is just about the last set we can build on the lake.  We have run out of property.  The new docks will not fulfill the demand but it will help.

Have a Great Month,