Dear Members:

Thanks to all who attended the annual meeting. The owner of Varsity Gear gave us an informative summary of his shop and how he started the shop.

After the meeting many of those who attended met at the new maintenance building for coffee and cookies and to get a look at the facility.

We hope to finish up the fencing and other minor details around the new building very soon.

The board will be looking at different areas of the clubhouse to renovate next.  First will be the women’s locker room. It is in much need of updating. It will get a new look and be more functional. The long range planning club will be continuing its work on the pavers and the patio in the rear of the building.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful beginning to the holiday season.

There is no board meeting in December, so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All.

What a great place we have to live in and to celebrate the holidays with families.


Cindy Waikem – President Lake Cable Board of Trustees



Board Meeting – November 20, 2018

President Cindy Waikem called the meeting to order at 6:57pm

Board Members Present:  President Mrs. Cindy Waikem; Vice President, Mr. Phil Kirkbride; Treasurer Mr. Bob Wynkoop, Trustee Mr. Ted Scheetz; Secretary Mr. Ken Roush

Association Members or Guests Present:  Mr. Mike McElfresh; Mr. Lee Vitale

1.  Approval of the Minutes from October 16, 2018 board meeting. A motion was made to accept the minutes by Mr. Phil Kirkbride and seconded by Mr. Bob Wynkoop. Motion passed.

2.  Approval of the Financial Statement ending October 31, 2018. A motion was made by Mr. Ted Scheetz to accept the financial statement as presented. The motion was seconded by Mr. Ken Roush. Motion passed.

Financial Statement ending October 31, 2018

                                                                                  2018                                    2017

Association Income                                       $   10,624.17                      $   10,989.04

Association Expenses                                    $   43,477.86                      $   45,377.26

Association Net Income                               $  -32,853.69                      $  -45,742.13

Shopping Center Income                              $     9,364.00                      $      7,366.00

Shopping Center Expenses                           $     5,338.62                      $      5,240.30

Shopping Center Net Income                       $     4,025.38                      $      2,125.70

3.  Communications & Correspondence:   The board received a “Thank You” note from Harold and Jane Krisher stating that the kids Halloween event was awesome and all the kids had a great time. Thanks to the Krishers’ for supporting and enjoying these board sponsored events. Also, the board received a letter from our Project Solutions tenant located at the Shopping Center. The letter states that they are requesting that we inform them if any additional rental space becomes available at the Shopping Center.

4. Hearing from the Membership:   Mr. Mike McElfresh & Mr. Lee Vitale: Mike and Lee, members of the L.R.P.C., wanted to address the board concerning the possible future plans for remodeling some areas of the clubhouse. The major priority would be to redesign and update the women’s bathroom/locker room located just off the beach area. This plan was discussed and more study and planning is scheduled. Lee and Mike also suggested to the board that the plans to update the pine room area should wait till later next year so all aspects of the project can be priced out and considered. The board agreed with Lee and Mike’s concerns and will discuss the pine room remodeling at a later date. Future efforts will be focused on the remodel of the lake side of the clubhouse that will start in the spring. Thanks Lee and Mike for your input to the board.

5.  Managers’ Report: Tom reported to the board that the “Lights on the Lake” open house event, at the shopping center, went pretty well. Due to the rainy weather that evening, the turnout was somewhat smaller than last year. All & all, the business tenants were happy with the event. The Polar Plunge is on track and plans are being finalized. Additional sand will most likely be added to the site this year. Tom stated that he is planning on contacting the owners of all the boats that are still tied up to the common docks. These need to be removed by the Dec. 1st. deadline. The landscape mound, that is going to be located behind the new maintenance building, should be completed soon. This will be a nice buffer between the new building and the residence just behind it. Tom also recommended to the board that two new overhead door openers be installed at the maintenance building. These doors are much heavier than previously thought, so Tom would like to have the openers installed to help out the maintenance personnel. The board agreed to allow the openers. More of Tom’s comments can be found elsewhere in the newsletter. Thanks Tom for your update to the board.

6.  Old Business:

A.  Clubhouse Tree Line project – Due to continuing work at the new maintenance building, the

tree line project is now planned to start in the spring. The weather has also limited us in

starting this project.

B.  Walleye Stocking – As of this date, the walleye stocking is still scheduled to happen yet this

year. We are in hopes of getting the walleye shipment real soon now.

C.  Pickle Ball CourtPlans to have blacktop poured for the pickle Ball Court have been

postponed till next spring. Access to the court area was not available due to the placement of

all the additional pontoon boats in the beach area.

D.  Annual Meeting – The 2018 Annual Meeting was well attended again this year. Updates by the

Sprit Gear Owner, Mr. Kent Clark, was real interesting and was well received. Also, the AED

demonstrating given by Mark & Denise Hartzell was very informative. Thanks to all that talked

and added to our annual meeting. A majority of the members in attendance for the meeting

got to view the new maintenance building for the first time. Cookies and punch were served at

the building location. Thanks to everyone who attended.

7.  New Business:

A.  Clubhouse Carpeting – The carpeting in the clubhouse is scheduled for cleaning sometime

during the mid-January time frame. Due to not having any planned changes in the main

clubhouse area this year, we put the carpet cleaning back on the annual schedule for 2019.

B.  Woman’s Restroom/Locker Room – Preliminary drawings for the women’s locker room

remodel have been completed. Updates to these drawings will continue till a final decision is

made on the plans.

C.  Maintenance BuildingAs previously stated in Tom’s Managers Report, due to the large size

of the overhead doors that were installed at the maintenance building, there is a need to have

a couple of door openers installed. The board agreed and Tom will get some quotes to

complete this work.

8.  The board went into executive session at 8:02pm to discuss a shopping center lease renewal and

also to discuss future (2019) employee wages and bonuses. The board returned from executive

session at 8:15pm.

9.  A motion was made by Mr. Phil Kirkbride to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by

Mr. Ted Scheetz. The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 8:16pm.

Submitted by Board Secretary – Mr. Ken Roush  




Despite the late fall of leaves and the rain and the snow Steve and his crew are doing a very good job on the leaves and clubhouse.  Did your property value go up; ours did.  We did informal protests on three of the Association properties.  We did receive some decrease on two of those but no help on the lake.  They say it is worth $113,300 which is $51,300 more than the last appraisal.  Does anyone know of a 150 acre lake that has recently sold in Stark County that we can compare to?  Me either!

Speaking of water it just won’t go down.  We pulled boards some time ago but once again the rain is keeping the level up.  Walleye for stocking are still on order and Fender’s Fish Hatchery says we will get them.  However, he was not sure when.  The ponds in Wisconsin are frozen but they are still able to harvest the fish but they are filling State orders first.  Last year they were unable to fill our order.  There are still quite a few boats in the water at club owned docks.  Please remove those boats before the water freezes.  We are trying to get identification of what appear to be “beaver” lodges but there have been no beaver sightings reported.  An experienced trapper said muskrats made them.  I’ve lived here for 40 years but never saw anything like it.  I sent photos to ODNR but they have yet to reply.  We are attempting to get a trapper to trap the lake but the price of pelts is so low there is little interest.  If you do not want your property trapped please call the office and let us know.

The cold and rain dampened the shopping center event, “Lights on the Lake”.  However, the tenants for most part did “OK”.  The tea shop reported it had its best single day ever.  Please visit the shops at our shopping center.  They pay rent!

We are getting close to moving into the new maintenance building.  This will take some time to accomplish.  Steve has been planning where everything will go as we move.  Due to extremely busy schedules we were having trouble finding someone to remove the asphalt in the area where the landscape mound will go.  I hope that is finished by the time you read this.  The final part of that project is fencing which will not happen until after the first of the year.

We are currently in the process of finalizing plans for remodeling the Woman’s locker room on the beach.  This is to make the restrooms accessible for people utilizing the back patio when complete.  After the response to the announcement of this project at the Annual Meeting we are looking a little more closely at aesthetics.  We’re not sure what we originally planned would meet the expectations of the ladies.

When you read the Board meeting minutes and look at the financial statement remember this is only for the month of October and much of the cash will come back as the assessments are paid.  We are happy to report that we did not borrow one cent from outside sources for this project.

Great big thanks go out to the membership for supporting this project.  While we don’t have the money to do everything planned all at once we are moving forward and improving the facilities to improve the quality of life at Lake Cable.

On behalf of the staff and me we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!