President’s Report  

January 2020

Happy Valentines Day!  Let’s hope this is a great year for the lake and the members.

Finally, winter has showed its face. Lots of cold weather, please be carefully of the ice. It takes a lot of cold weather to make the ice safe…if you can be sure of such a thing!

The slate of officers for the Board of Trustees for the year 2020 is as follows:

            Bob Wynkoop- treasurer

            Ted Scheetz- trustee

            Dan Schonhoft- secretary – and welcome to the board!

           Ken Roush – Vice President

            Cindy Waikem- President

            We are looking forward to a productive year.   We are working on some small projects over the winter – remodeling the men’s restroom on the beach, Long Range Planning Committee is working on the old garage area off the patio, are we will be working on the deck outside of the Dunlap Room.  A new diving board is on order as the old one is in very bad shape. Also, we’re working on repairing or replacing walkways at the shopping center.

            Depending on the vote for the docks at Bass Commons we will either be getting the new docks, or we will be repairing the docks. Let’s hope for the new docks!  Thank you to all who voted.  The issue passed.  We had 320 votes, 256 for and 64 against. 

            Other housekeeping projects are in the works – cleaning the carpets in the clubhouse is the big one. Those poor carpets take a beating during the year, so we are pleased to have them get their annual cleaning. Steve and his crew are putting finishing touches on their area in the old locker room.

            Also, I would like to thank Joni Mossor for being our guest secretary at the meeting.

            So, as you can see there is much going on around the clubhouse….

Remember – if you have a concern please reach out to a board member or better yet please attend our board meeting and present you concern to the board. We meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7pm. We would like to see you there.

Check elsewhere in the newsletter for a list of all the upcoming events that are offered to you as a member of Lake Cable.  Hope to see you at a few of them.

Spring is only a short 3 months away so remember, it’s a privilege to live at the lake not a right.

Enjoy the rest of the winter and please be safe. 

Submitted by Cindy Waikem – President Lake Cable Board of Trustees


Board Meeting – January 21, 2020

President Cindy Waikem called the meeting to order at 6:55pm

Board Members Present:  President Mrs. Cindy Waikem, Vice President Mr. Ken Roush, Treasurer Mr. Bob Wynkoop, Trustee Mr. Ted Scheetz and Trustee Mr. Dan Schonhoft

Management Present:  General Manager Mr. Tom Gibbins and Office Manager Mrs. Joni Mossor

Association Members and Guests Present: Dave Romano, Bob Preece, Tom Borcoman, Mike King

Slate of Officers for 2020: The following were elected as officers for 2020

President – Cindy Waikem

Vice-President – Ken Roush

Treasurer – Bob Wynkoop

Secretary – Dan Schonhoft

Trustee – Ted Scheetz

Assignment of Area of Responsibility for 2020

Beach – Cindy Waikem

Shopping Center – Ken Roush

Buildings & Grounds – Ted Scheetz

Lake – Bob Wynkoop

Newsletter – Dan Schonhoft

Hearing from the Members and Guests:  Dave Romano suggested we investigate potential insurance needs for the proposed kayak racks.  Dave’s idea is noted, and Tom will follow up.  Tom Borcoman and Bob Preece attended as interested guests.  Mike King, speaking on behalf of the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC), informed the Board of the Committee’s latest project.  They are looking into building a 16-foot by 24-foot pavilion in the area now occupied by the float boat trailers and storage for concrete blocks and other materials.  The cost would be between $9,000 and $12,000.  Mike stated that the LRPC has approximately $9-10,000 carried over from the patio project and would raise additional funds to pay for the pavilion, as needed. The use would be on a first come first served basis.  Several questions concerning logistics were raised for research by the LRPC.  Mike also informed the Board about additional lighting, seating and fencing for the patio and the progress made on the interior of the old garage area. 

Approval of the Minutes from November 19, 2019. A motion was made to accept the minutes as presented by Bob Wynkoop and seconded by Ted Scheetz. The motion passed.

Approval of the Financial Statements ending December 31, 2019.  After discussion, a motion was made by Dan Schonhoft to accept the financial statements as presented and seconded by Ted Scheetz.  The motion passed.  Tom reviewed the cash on hand as of January 21st and details of the financial statements for December and 3 Months ending 12/31/2020 vs. 12/31/2019.

Financial Statement Summary for 3 Months ending December 31, 2019                                                    2019                           2018                     % Chan

Association Income         $   207,008           $     187,393                    10.5%

Association Expenses      $   137,495            $     155,909                   -11.8%

Association Net Income  $     69,514            $       64,389                       8.0%

Shopping Center Income $    32,654            $       29,167                     12.0%

Shopping Center Expenses $    24,786            $       22,723                      9.1%

Shopping Center Net Income $      7,867            $         6,444                    22.1%

Communication & Correspondence: Thank you cards from the employees for recent bonus and wage considerations were read. 

Manager’s Report: Tom presented a very extensive and very informative manager’s report to the Board. It included a review of all current revenue generator rates such as member dues, initiation fee, club room rentals, miscellaneous fees, etc. He also reported on early planning for the beach opening including plans for the men’s restroom, replacement of the diving board, plans for deck repairs and potential ideas for the return of a fountain.  Also reported was that Joni Mossor would soon be obtaining a Health Department Serve Safe Restaurant Manager Certification.  This is a requirement of the Health Department for operation of our concession stand and kitchen.  Tom also reported on the installation of cameras on the front of the building which will complete the full security of the clubhouse.  Other items discussed included carpet cleaning and the installation of garage door openers at the new maintenance building.  Tom further reported on a plan to install kayak racks at the commons.  A report was submitted concerning the dock rental fees charged by other lakes around Ohio.  Comparatively we are a very good bargain being $100 below the average charged. A potential dock rental adjustment for year 2021 is under review. In another report Tom informed the Board that there is approximately $890,000 in outstanding dredging assessments that for most part will never be collected.  These are attached to mostly homeowners of “off the water homes” that have never exercised their membership rights, nor will they likely do so in the future.   (See full report attached)

Old Business: Bob Wynkoop suggested that signs be placed at the commons to further promote the   “BE BRIGHT AT NIGHT” campaign to make more people aware of walking on the proper side of the road and wearing bright colored clothing when walking at night. Same applies to bikers. (See the inside front cover page of this Newsletter for more details).

New Business: As of 1/21/2020 we have 277 paid up members.  

A motion was made by Dan Schonhoft seconded by Ted Scheetz to adjourn the meeting at 8:53 PM.

The Board then went into executive session to discuss employee issues.

Submitted by Dan Schonhoft, Secretary



First bit of news on everyone’s mind is, “did the dock vote pass?”  YES!  There were 320 voters cast, 256 for the issue and 64 against.  Thank you goes out to all those who took the time to vote.  There were a few concerns voiced on some of the ballots that I will try to address in the next newsletter.  The deadline to vote was so close to the deadline for the newsletter I was unable to do justice to the concerns.

Last month we put the Ice Safety guidelines as offered by the State of Ohio but we had no ice.  At the time of this writing we do have some ice but it looks pretty weak. 

I’ve been in contact with last year’s beach staff and most of them want to come back.  That is good news.  Paul Biedenbach is looking into a different type of pump for on the beach to replace the electric fountain.  Let’s hope he comes up with something.  The Board approved the purchase of a new diving board.  We are also giving consideration to replacing the trapeze bar with something a little easier to grip.  We don’t want to get something too light or it won’t return back to the platform.  We are also finalizing plans to remodel the men’s restroom on the beach.  Steve and his crew removed all the old fixtures and partitions.  We are working on final plans that include handicap access. 

The final installation of security cameras is underway.  Both our buildings will now have full time video surveillance.  Jazzercise will be leaving us in February.  The owner loved being here but she needed to grow her business by expanding the number of classes and we just could not accommodate the additional classes.  We wish her much good luck in the future.

Carpet cleaning is scheduled after the first week of February.  It still amazes me how well this carpet has held up the past 30 plus years.

Work on the old garage is on going.  Some of the old beach locker fronts were put up to achieve that nostalgic look.  Exposed bulb lights, ceiling fans and a TV are in the plan.

My good friend Paul Biedenbach is also looking for the best plan for installing kayak racks at the commons.  It looks as if we will install one somewhere this year to see how well they are utilized.  If you would like to see racks installed and would be willing to rent space let the office know.  We want to get an idea of what the demand is. 

Steve is working on the equipment for spring.  He gave me a list of tractor parts so we are ready when the time comes.  He also found that someone ran into something with the float boat trailer and bent one of the axles.  We are trying to see if it can be repaired or if we need to order parts.  Either way it will be ready for spring.  Considering the amount of repairs we are putting into the trailers it was determined we needed an increase in the rent for the trailer.  As of January 1 the rent is now $30 per use per person.  This is still a cheap rent.   

The Long Range Planning Committee is working on a plan to install a new pavilion in the area where we now store the boat trailers and other miscellaneous stuff.

Are you plunging?  The Polar Bear Plunge is February 8.  What a great event for Jackson Township.  Even if your not crazy enough to jump come on out and watch.  See you there.

I believe the Advance Planning Guide is official.  If however you do see a typo please let us know.

Don’t forget to get your tickets for the Fish Club Reverse Raffle – March 15 only 150 tickets sold.

A final note, we lost five Association members this last two months.  I offer my condolences to all but I particularly morn the passing of a good personal friend and next door neighbor, John Wright.  John and his family lived next door to my family for 25 years.  He was a great friend and neighbor.  Everyone in the neighborhood will miss him.  Thank you John for those 25 years, your memory will live on for many more.

Have a Great Month, Tom