Fishing Regulations


Lake Cable Fishing Regulations

Daily Bag Limits & Sizes

Regulations for 2018

Per Membership Per Day

Not to be confused with per Person

Silver Channel Catfish                                1 Per Membership, 19” or larger per Day.

Crappie                                                           25 Per Membership, per day any size.

Perch                                                               15 Per Membership, per day any size.

Bluegills*- 25 Per Membership, per day any size.** Except from May 13 to June 15th

                     This is Catch and release, all Bluegills.

Walleye Limits>>two (2) per membership per day 17” and over.  All Walleye less than 17” catch and Release!!!

Bass Limits… Four (4) per membership per day under 14”** except from May 13th to June 15th catch and release all Bass.

All Small Mouth Bass … Catch and Release.

Bullhead Catfish and Chain pickerel no limit on size or number.

Tagged Bass

There are tagged bass in the lake.  If you catch a a tagged bass, please measure it, record the tag number, location caught, release it immediately, and notify the LCRA office at 330-499-2608.

Exchanging Fish

Legal size fish may NOT be returned to the water unless done so immediately after removing from the hook.  Fish may NOT be returned from bag or stringer to replace with larger fish.

—————–.Cut off and keep in your tackle box or on your boat—————–

2018 Fish Regulations

Bass —-Four (4) per membership per day under 14” except from April 25th – June 15th return all Bass

Smallmouth Bass ——— Catch and release

Crappie ———————  25 Any Size

Bluegills* ——————-  25 Any Size except from April 25th – June 15th Catch and Release

Perch ———————–   15 Any Size

Silver Channel Catfish–    1 per membership per day.  19” and over.

Walleye ———————- 2 per membership per day over 17” (Return All Others)

Bullhead Catfish and Chain Pickerel – No Limit or Size

* Bluegill = any pan fish except Crappie including Red Eye, Sun Fish, Shell Cracker, and Warmouth

** Please watch signs at commons and bulletin as these dates are subject to change with current Lake Conditions.