There is no better rate available for outdoor storage!

HOWEVER, the number of boats brought to the beach early and left continues to grow.  This puts a huge burden on the people that work to get your boat on the beach.  We want to discourage you from doing so.  The rate for beaching this year is $50.  We understand the increase is pretty high but again we want to discourage people from doing this.

When: Saturday, October21, 2017

Where: Right here on the beach

When: starting at 8:30 AM

How can you help?  Just show up ready to work.  The Float Boat Committee is made up of volunteers who come every year or once in a while and work to store the boats on the beach.  Some don’t even store their boats on the beach but come for the fun and to see friends.  Those that do store their boats on the beach pay the same fee as everyone else.

After removing the boats the volunteers are treated to a steak sandwich, other side dishes and refreshments.  Refreshments and sandwiches are for the workers only; thank you.

There is no rain date and the boats will be removed that day.  If we experience heavy rain, snow, strong winds, or lightning the process may slow down or be delayed until the weather passes but never discontinued.  Since the beginning when they only removed three boats, we have never missed a day.

In addition to removing the boats the Boy Scouts put on a fantastic PANCAKE BREAKFAST.

How do I sign up?  Stop in at the office, pay your $50 fee and pick up a number.  The committee tries to follow the numbers but they will make room and exceptions for people who have kids in sports, medical emergencies, or other hic-ups in the process.  There is not absolute sure fire way of being “fair” and not keeping people waiting in line on the lake.  Please remember your wait may be a while but the people working on the beach are there all day.

 If you have any other questions please feel free to contact the office and ask; 330-499-2608.