Dear members:

               I hope this note finds you and your family healthy and safe in this strange time.

               With a lot of phone calls and several drafts – Tom finally got the Health Department to give us the go ahead for Float Boat Day.   There were several restrictions we had to meet but we can pull it off. So at least you will be able to go out and enjoy the lake.

               Also, during this time, we had some difficulties contacting people. Either the phone number we have has been disconnected or the WRONG number all together. What we need is another way to contact you. If you have not provided the office with an email address now is the time to do so.  It would make contact so much easier.       

               I would like everyone to take the time to make sure the office has a CURRENT phone number for you and an email address. The email address goes no further than the office. It would give us another way to communicate with you.

               Again, I hope you all are healthy and stay that way. IF you can, get out and enjoy the lake.

Remember, it a privilege to live on the lake not a right.


               Cindy Waikem -President Lake Cable Board of Trustees